what’s cooking // easy summer tortellini salad

okay, i’m back. (she says with an eye roll at herself.) i swear on all the things that the end of school nearly broke me. i could go on and on as to why, but i’m just going to say that that’s over now, we went on vacation (check out my insta for some of those amazing pics!), and now we’re trying to get into some sort of summer schedule.

summer schedule can mean chaos, amirite? sports, other activities, or just a plain desire to not have to cook during the week. plus, can we talk about how some summer days, the swing in temps can go from lovely days to days i don’t even want to step outside? this is one of my favorites that doesn’t heat up the kitchen too much, and this is one salad that is absolutely awesome to eat on day two! (plus – for my lasagna love friends – this is a fantastic, cool summer pasta dish that you can offer to your matches!)

summer tortellini pasta salad

two (2) packages of frozen cheese tortellini
four (4) small pieces of corn on the cob (you can also use frozen corn too!)
two (2) cups cherry tomatoes
one (1) avocado
1 T. olive oil
1 tsp. salt
pepper (optional)

1. boil two large pots of water. in one, place your corn on the cob and in the other, place the two packages of tortellini. cook the tortellini to the package directions (it’s usually to when all of the pasta floats).

2. once the corn is finished boiling, remove it from the water and allow it to cool to the touch on a cutting board. once it’s cool to the touch, start cutting the corn off the cob. once all cobs are cut, place the cut corn in a large bowl.

3. when the tortellini is finished boiling, drain it in a colander. let this sit and cool while you’re cutting the cherry tomatoes.

4. grab the cherry tomatoes and cut these up however works best for you. i cut mine in half, but you can do thirds or quarters! add these to the bowl with the corn.

5. take the drained tortellini and add it to the bowl with the corn and tomatoes. measure out 1 T. of olive oil and drizzle over the tortellini/corn/tomato mix. use a large spoon and toss to coat.

6. finally! cut up the avocado and add to the mix. finish off with tossing the salt into the tortellini mix and toss everything together!

and, i mentioned how good this is as leftovers? i’m not kidding. i’m not a leftovers person. this – i will eat as leftovers all day long. plus, if you want to add some protein, grilled chicken, tuna, or turkey are great options to add!

tell me: i need to hear if you love this! if you make it this summer, let me know!

p.s. check out my instagram feed for my reel on how to make this deliciousness!


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