yep, i’m getting ready for christmas (already)

yep. i’ve decided to become “one of those people.” call it a need to think and plan way ahead now that i feel like i could lose track of any given thing at any minute, or call it that i absolutely love christmas, or call it that this will be the very first year in my thirty-four christmases that i will not be waking up on christmas morning at my parent’s house, but christmas planning has started. you see, with a four-year-old who “gets” the whole santa thing and who last year was starting to ask “but how will santa know to come to indiana for me, and not dekalb?”, dr. re-nest (see, honey, i changed it) and i decided that this year, we will stay in illinois for christmas eve and christmas day, so that our little ones can experience the magic of having santa come to their house. let me just say that i can’t wait. christmas morning will likely be my third favorite day of the year (behind the day little mr. re-nest #2 was born, and little mr. re-nest #1’s birthday).

and, i should mention that i’m not the only one who’s gotten on the “we need to plan for christmas now” bandwagon. dr. re-nest has too. he’s tossed around (more than once) the concept of using the nice days we have now to go out and put all of the christmas lights around the house. let’s just say that i wouldn’t be surprised if our house looks like this on christmas eve: 

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but for me, my focus is on the inside. i’ve always been partial to having our christmas decorations in the traditional deep red and white and silver. i’ve had the same tree skirt and stockings for probably ten years (one of my splurges when we had no money, but i was working part-time at pottery barn, so i justified it by having an employee discount and a little extra pocket change that said “you must have the red faux fur tree skirt and matching stockings”) i love that tree skirt and stockings. but for the past four years or so, i’ve been itching to change out the color scheme of our holiday decorations to more of an ivory and silver focus. but i haven’t found the perfect tree skirt or stockings to officially take the plunge. (because for me, it all starts with these two key elements of holiday decorations.)
but this year, there’s the push to find these. that, and i happened to get a special little piece in the mail this weekend, which just pushed me over the edge of trying to find these new decorations now. 
i first was checking out (because little mr. re-nest #1’s stocking is from here, and they also have a pretty darn cute stocking option for baby’s first christmas), and i happened across these adorable little gems:
um, grey and ivory stockings?!?! yes, please! and they can be monogrammed! even more, yes please! finding these, i was convinced that i could find a great ivory tree skirt. which because of my coupon, led me to to see what they had to offer. i found this cute, faux fur one, but i’m not totally sold. 
for one, i can likely find something much cheaper at hobby lobby or somewhere else. but i like the look of this one, and like the softness of it. the search will continue, because i love those stockings way too much to let this plan of mine go by the wayside.
that’s as far as i’ve gotten in my sunday morning attempt at finding all new christmas decorations. the good thing is that most of my ornaments are either silver or glass, so there won’t have to be a ton of new ornaments purchased either. so maybe if push comes to shove, i can justify the cost of the pottery barn tree skirt because i can use a lot of what i already have in the ornament department?!?!
tell us: are you already planning for the holidays? what’s your holiday decor or theme or colors? 


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