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thank you, sycamore!

in my usual fashion, i’m fashionably late with this very necessary post. almost two weeks ago, i had the privilege of having another fabulously wonderful pumpkin fest weekend! this. this year was my fifth anniversary of sharing re-nest studio with the autumn craft + treasures market, and it did not disappoint. for those of you…

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how we do holiday decor ’round here….

i think i’ve said before, i don’t do a lot of seasonal decorating. christmas is pretty much the most i do, and frankly, when i got out our decorations this year, i still felt like i don’t do a ton. maybe it’s a time thing. maybe it’s a “we have two young boys” thing. but…

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why i stopped decorating for every season (a confession)

i have kind of a shocking confession….as someone who loves home décor, who loves the holidays + who champions making your home yours…. i no longer decorate for every season. as in, i don’t have a stash of fall/halloween/thanksgiving decorations that i put out. (i’ll pause here for dramatic effect) i used to. i used to have all sorts of stuff that i…

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