olympic-sized message for pint-sized little ones

so, the 2012 summer olympics wrapped a couple of weeks ago. maybe it was the games, paired with a little bit of our twice-weekly swim lessons with little mr. re-nest, but i got inspired. inspired to develop a new piece that would give simple, but big time words of encouragement for my little one. and hopefully, other little ones too!

it’s pretty simply said: dream big.

there are a lot of ways that we encourage our little ones. talking with them, telling them that what they do is great, watching their activities, and so much more. but what a neat little way to bring those words to life and make them a part of their everyday, in their room, their playroom, or anywhere in the house.

so, while we encourage our little mr. re-nest to be the next michael phelps (if he wants to), or to do whatever his little heart desires, we want him to have dreams. and to dream big.

here’s to dreaming big (for you and your little ones),

p.s. i had to share: talking about dreaming big. several weeks ago, while watching “the social network” while little mr. re-nest was playing, he turned to me and mr. re-nest and said, “mommy, daddy, can i go to ‘carvard’ one day?” yes, little man. yes, you can.


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