my top ten anniversary gift picks (aka: earn major brownie points this year!)

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post brought to you by uncommon goods, a founding B Corp that features unique jewelry, designer decor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people. all opinions are 100% my own.

the anniversary….for me + mr. re-nest, we celebrate two big ones a year: the wedding anniversary + our dating anniversary. (i’ll pause for the eye roll or the “awww!”) and, i admit: when the wedding anniversary comes around, i feel major pressure to come up with something totally awesomesauce for him….and i usually panic at the last minute. (eek!)

but the one thing i always, always, always try to do is come up with a unique, personalized gift for mr. re-nest to celebrate the day we became an us. (are you surprised? me + personalized = a must-have!)

the love is pillow. handmade by tori tissell.
available on uncommon goods.

and, just in case you find yourself totally stumped for what to get your sweetie, i’ve pulled together some one-of-a-kind anniversary gift ideas that just happen to come from the artisans and craftsmen (which y’all know i love!) from uncommon goods. ready? here we go!

1. i heart pillows. for someone like me, home decor gifts can be the way to my heart. and, can a pillow get any more loving than this love is pillow? check out this perfect-beyond-perfect gift for the home decor fanatic here

2. for the journal + keepsake enthusiast, the 12 ways to say i love you journal is pure perfection! make your way through this prompted journal handmade by jason thompson for the sentimental one you love.

the latitude longitude bracelet.
handmade by ana talukder.

3. i’m so obsessed with gifts that mark a special place. for me, i would love, love, love to be gifted with this latitude longitude bracelet to add to my jewelry collection. (hint, hint, mr. re-nest!)

4. we all have a wine enthusiast in our lives. (i know i have several!) and, the anniversary wine box is total perfection for those couples who love a great glass of vino + who appreciate the gorgeous handmade box with personalized engraving on the front. (by the way, am i the only one who is reminded of “the giving tree” when seeing this beautiful gift?) 

the set of 8 bicycle glasses.
available on uncommon goods.
designed + handmade by brett childs +
crystal hanks childs.

5. bicycle silhouette glasses are the perfect anniversary present for that couple who is always on-the-go. you know the ones…those friends who load their bikes up and take off as soon as 5:oo on friday hits. give them the perfect gift designed + handmade by brett childs and crystal hanks childs. 

6. okay, is thirteen years too late to get this piece of art by alexander doll for an anniversary? because i’m fairly certain we need the first dance personalized art from uncommon goods in our house. honestly, having a perfect mix of personalization, artwork, keepsake + all-around cool for an anniversary gift makes for such great gifts!

the custom beach bracelet.
handmade with sand from
your fave beach.

7. if you + your beloved have a special beach or beachy vacation spot, this custom beach bracelet handmade by holly daniels christensen is perfection. 

8. what could be a better way to celebrate an anniversary than with some cocktails? maybe some cocktails served in these cool wooden martini glasses, handmade by david rasmussen? i’m not usually a martini drinker, but pass the shaker + olives, please! 

9. the perfect modern first anniversary gift. every home needs a fabulous clock, and one that’s personalized always stands out! the personalized maple wall clock over at uncommon goods is handmade by scott tincher, and can be personalized with a family surname + a favorite year. 

10. gift inspiration from something as sweet + memorable as carving you + your loved one’s initials in a tree…the personalized love birch cuff, handmade by nancy nelson is a delightful blend of modern, keepsake + sentimentality! take a look at the beauty of this piece here!

tell me: which are your faves? which of these awesome pieces would be perfect for your loved one?


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