let’s do this, 2019

honestly, the last couple of weeks, i’ve been on the struggle bus. (see actual giphy of me below.) i rallied through to december 22 (the day my final holiday order was delivered!), and then i kind of just crashed. i needed a break. i needed to breathe. and, now we’re solidly into week three of this new year, and i’m still trying to figure out this year…what my goals are, how i want to focus my time this year, and how i can grow + be better. (feels a little heavy, huh?)


how i keep it all together. my erin condren life planner with meal planning insert.

i promise it’s not that heavy! and, they always say by sharing your goals, it helps you commit, right? (guess what? i’msharing with y’all!) and, because i like to be organized, i’ve broken down my goals into some different buckets for my life. because in my always cluttered head, this helps. 🙂

goal bucket #1: my health

the last three years haven’t been kind on my body. wait, let me re-phrase: i haven’t been entirely kind to my body the last three years. it all started with a massively stressful time three years ago in my career, which seeped over into my personal life, and discovering some eye-opening things about my health. i have amazing caregivers, doctors, and resources, but what i let go of was working out consistently and eating the right things for my body. i’m busy. i’m tired. most nights after work/school, i’m solo with the boys who want to eat n-o-w, or they have swimming, or homework, or something else. i have every excuse in the book. (note: i have a treadmill, a beachbody on demand subscription, every sort of home workout gear you can imagine.) my goal this year is to stop the excuses and give myself and my body the respect it needs. my goal is to stop believing that i have to pound my body on the treadmill every day to make changes. my goal is to swim. my goal is to also get my butt out of bed and workout before work.

goal bucket #2: volunteering

this is one that is going to forever and always be a challenge for me. i love to help others out. and, because of this, i’ve said yes a lot when there’s only so much of me to go around. so, this year, it’s my role as the social media volunteer for the boys’ school and taking part in our church’s council. this is super hard for me, but there’s just so much i can do.

goal bucket #3: the career

i really have no idea how many people know that my full-time job is/has/will always be in marketing + advertising. i love it. and, in my current role, i’ve been able to grow into a content development (read: writing) role + a social media management role. my goal this year is to finish the facebook blueprint courses + tests to finish all of my certifications. there’s a long list of classes, but i’m already working my way through them!

goal bucket #4: re-nest studio

there’s so many different ways i can go with this one. i’ve been working with a business coach for about six months who has really helped me identify some ways that i can grow my little business, challenge me to think about things in other ways, and grow. so, this year, i’m rethinking some things. looking at offering classes to help bring people together (kids + adults!). becoming a handmade artist that’s included in a monthly subscription box that’s been launched by a friend. and, ultimately, trying to get my name out there more throughout illinois, indiana, and wisconsin. there will be more shows this year, more partnerships, and more opportunities to share ideas that let you tell your family’s story at home!

alright, so there they are. i’m accountable now. i have goals for this year in every area of my life, and it’s time to start knocking down those goals! tell me: what do you want to accomplish this year?


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