the final product…grassy grass grass!

today’s a big day. today’s the day that i wrapped a vip (in this case, a very important project)…one that’s a keepsake for my little boy. and hopefully something he’ll keep and love for a long time. i bring you, the finished “grassy grass grass” wall hanging.

you’ve likely read the back story on the start of this project. (if not, you can read it here and here). a lot of time, love, paper cutting, cricut creativity and glue went into this labor of love. and i’m so, so, so happy that it’s finished. and most importantly, i’m so happy with how it turned out.

as of this weekend, i had the last three lines to finish. admittedly, i was a little concerned over my spacing and getting the rest of the poem on the canvas. but it all worked out, and i was even able to alternate my letter sizing a little to incorporate some small and some larger letters to balance out the entire piece.

balancing smaller and larger fonts

i was even so happy to be able to incorporate a new font into the mix…my new cricut jubilee cartridge, which incorporated some very thin, tall letters into the piece.

using the new jubilee cartridge

i know i said it in a previous post, but i can’t tell you how much it helped that i mapped out the entire poem on paper the size of the canvas. it was a pre-plan and allowed me to make sure everything came out perfectly.i’m so happy to share the final product with you. thank you for taking this journey with me, and now, the only question is: where do we hang this in the little guy’s room?

p.s. one other thing that i wanted to share…i’ve actually gotten the courage to submit this piece for consideration in an upcoming issue of cricut magazine. keep your fingers crossed for me!


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