it keeps going…and going…and going

wow. i’ve felt so disconnected for the last two weeks. work was just weaseling way too much into all areas of my life…and that has not made me a happy camper. the whole work thing just left me tired and wanting to get back to my projects even more. but i can happily say i finally was able to get back to noah’s wall hanging project last weekend and made even more progress with it. (if you’re feeling like, “wow, ashley, this project is taking forever.” it is. it’s way more intricate than i ever thought, but me being me, i want to take my time and not rush.)

just to share the progress from last weekend…here’s the wall hanging update (see the past progress here and here). oh, and i should also mention that i got to finally play with my newest cricut cartridge – songbird.

i have just a couple of more lines of “grassy grass grass” to go.

one of the things i wanted to share with this project is a little oops i had. so, in the midst of trying to place a single letter (with glue on the back), it slipped and dropped in a place i didn’t want it. leaving a shiny spot on my grass green paint, and leaving me to decide one of two paths:

1. try and strategically place letters/images over the spot, or…

2. try and paint over it to cover up the shine

well, i had to go with option #2. and i’m not afraid to share my oops with you (or at least trying to cover up my oops…which fell right in the middle of the word “muddy”)

i got the spot covered and will still be happier if i can cover up this spot even more as i keep going with the poem…keep your fingers crossed for me!

hopefully, the next update will be the finished wall hanging…on noah’s wall.


p.s. i also needed to give big kudos to my husband…who finally finished my very own, custom craft table! let’s just say that i’m so, so happy to have a space where i can work and cut paper and paint and get all of my toys out. so for anyone who comes to visit, this newest addition is living in our spare bedroom. 🙂


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