a minor refresh

two boys. juice. sneezes (gross, i know, but hey, it’s the reality of having kids.) cheddar bunnies. sticky little hands. all are our everyday reality. it still didn’t stop me from needing wanting to just refresh a few things in the re-nest house. it’s spring and well, i needed it.

a refresh doesn’t have to be an overhaul. it can be small, simple and inexpensive things that just make you smile when you walk into a room. (now, these are small. if you’ve seen any of my posts on facebook, you’ll know we also reprinted a good chunk of the house interior. not inexpensive. but it does make me smile everyday, so totally worth it!)
a couple of weeks ago, i made a few updates. again, small. but good.
1. throw pillows. (mr. re-nest’s two favorite words). i had a couple of lovely pottery barn pillow covers on our family room couch pillows. one has been with us for ten years. (no joke.) but when i saw the piping had finally busted through the linen fabric, it was time to say so long. here comes the best part: i found super cute, super inexpensive pillow covers at hobby lobby…like the new chevron one below? yep, $7.99. so when the boys sneeze or spill juice on it, i won’t cry.

2. updated birth announcement frames. confession: at ten months old, i did not yet have little mr. re-nest #2’s birth announcement framed (something we did with little mr. re-nest #1). perfect excuse to frame them up in brand new frames and liven up the shelf in our master. shelf is from target. frames from michaels

3. a new little eames addition. mr. re-nest got an incredibly cool gift for christmas 2013: the eames small wire-base table in white. no joke, for about five weeks, this amazing table sat behind our couch while we figured out where we could put it (where it wasn’t going to be used as a smashing place for small, metal cars and other toys). finally, i found a place. it now sits on our landing, with our eames house bird perched on it. 

so, you see, these are little changes. it doesn’t take tons of money or tons of time to just do a few little things that make you smile when you walk through your home. and…this little refresh has inspired me to do something fun and exciting over on facebook and pinterest. watch soon for a series called “the re-nest house: my faves”…more details to come, but it’ll be fun and i’d love for you to participate!



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