thanks for stopping here. thanks for reading this. because this post matters.

there’s something that’s been on my mind for the past week, and it’s time i share it. it’s sad and tragic, but what is happening now is nothing short of amazing.

if you have not yet seen anything about #redballoonsforryan, please click here

ryan’s mom is a handmade artisan, and part of the larger handmade community that many of us are a part of. and the saldana’s are going through what no parents should ever have to go through. i do not know the saldana’s personally, and didn’t know of ryan’s mom until this terribly sad event, but i’m a mama. i’m a mama to young boys, and this has been a startling reminder that everything can change in an instant.

what the handmade community has come together to do is, like i said, nothing short of amazing. there are donations. and there is an auction. where hundreds of artisans (yes, i said hundreds) have donated their goods and services to raise money for this family.

and, as of this afternoon, i am so proud to be one of those artisans who is doing just a small something from my little place in northern illinois to help this family who i have never met that live in california. my mini you are my sunshine canvas wall art has been placed up for auction to help the family of this beautiful little boy.

the auction is taking place on instagram only, tomorrow, may 16 from 7am pacific time through 7pm pacific time. there are literally hundreds of items that are beautiful and in honor of ryan and have been donated to give a little something back to this family. if you need more information, you can also search instagram for @reneststudio, and i will have posted the info there.

if you feel the draw to check out the auction on instagram, please search for #redballoonsforryan. every item has been photographed, along with its starting bid. all you do is comment on the item you like with your bid and your e-mail address. if the instagram auction isn’t for you, that’s ok. all i ask is that if you are able, please send a prayer, thought or a bit of love up for the saldana’s. 

from the bottom of my heart, from this mama, thank you for reading this.


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