to mom. love, me

it’s mother’s day weekend. yes, it’s considered a big weekend in our house…when you are surrounded by boys, this is my weekend to get to do some girly stuff for me. but that’s not what this post is about. this one? it’s for my mom. 

simply said, my mom is my hero. she’s superwoman. it sounds cliche, but i can only hope that i can accomplish half of what she has personally and professionally. she is my female role model.
so for today, i need to say thanks to my mom for all of those things that i have to thank her for (that i can remember!). mom, here goes:
1. always trusting my judgment. and knowing when to step in to help steer me otherwise.
2. allowing me to make mistakes. the university of kentucky. that’s all i need to say.
3. working so damn hard to make it to the dance recitals, tennis matches or whatever else i was getting myself into.
4. not being a stage mom. but instead, being the mom who stood in the wings with my inhaler during every dance competition. (dang asthma.)
5. showing me that you can have both a career and a family. 
6. fighting for my health and never giving up. 
7. being the “second one to know.” two times over. and keeping the biggest secrets of my life, even from your husband.

the night little mr. re-nest #1
was born.

8. literally holding my hand during one of the biggest days of my life. at thirty + years old, i still need my mama and i still need to hold your hand.

9. always, always, always respecting my/our parenting decisions. never questioning. knowing that i/we know what’s best for your grandkids and that it might be different than what you did, but that that is okay. 
10. going forth with my big, giant dream of the wedding i dreamed of. even when it might not have been the most fiscally responsible idea, you respected my dream. 
11. allowing me to never be afraid to call and say, “any chance you can come up and check out a house we are thinking of buying/stay with the kids while we have to work/keep me company when mike is traveling/go shopping with me?”
12. being you. we both have strong personalities and that sometimes means we have healthy, expressive discussions. but that’s okay. 
this mother’s day (and everyday), thank you and i love you. and thank you for becoming an amazing mimi to joys of my life. i love you to the moon and back. 
happy mama’s day, mom.
love, me


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