a look back at the weekend…

this weekend was a great one. often
when i get to sunday night, i’m looking at my weekend to-do list and feeling
terrible about all of the stuff i didn’t get done. feeling stressed about all
of the things i’m going to have to try and cram in during the upcoming
week…you know the drill: you find five minutes in between bathtime and
bedtime and that’s when laundry gets worked on. or, you find a few minutes
while you’re waiting for the pot of water to boil for dinner that night and you
log on to e-mail that friend back (who e-mailed you two weeks ago). yes, this
weekend and this sunday evening, there are still a lot of those things on my
list that were neglected. but tonight, i’m thinking more about all of the great
things i did get done. some expected, some unexpected. join me as i relive this

1. time with
mr. re-nest. without the kids. this was friday afternoon/early evening.
(warning: this is going to sound so lame to those of you without kids. to those
of you with kiddos, you’ll understand.) we had an appointment for 4pm on friday
for our house. yes, we got a sitter because we weren’t sure how long it would
take. turns out, it only took 45 minutes. all of a sudden, we had almost two
hours to ourselves. so, we decided to go do boring, married people with kids
things: go to sherwin-williams to pick out paint (more on that later), we
headed to target to exchange something, and checked out the new dsw in our town
(which is the biggest news in a while). i do have to give major props to mr.
re-nest though: when opening the car door for me, he had gotten me flowers.
knowing this was going to be our date, he did it up right. (side note: it is
incredible how much you can get accomplished when the kids aren’t with you.) 
2. paint.
it’s been five years since the main part of our house was painted (this being
the mud room to the downstairs hallway to the foyer to the staircase to the
upstairs hallway). after begging putting
together a very convincing argument to mr. re-nest, we have officially hired
out having this space painted. (note: five years ago, we painted it. me, in my
nine months pregnant glory with little mr. re-nest #1.) looking at it and
remembering and now with two kids, there was just no way it was going to get
done if we left it up to our own devices. so, painters arrive this thursday and
by saturday night, it will be finished. oh, and most importantly, here’s the
color i chose: rain by sherwin-williams. (the third one down) like it?

just a few more days and a new paint job!
3. little
mr. re-nest #2’s birthday invitations. these had to get finished this weekend.
and they did. with some late night work on friday night and some early morning
work on sunday, they are done. 

the official invite for #peanutturnsone!
4. ikea.
yep, another trip to ikea happened yesterday. to pick up eight cabinet feet for
the basement bar. short trip. with two kids who were melting. down. (thank
goodness they have ice cream there.)
5. sorting
the kiddos’ clothes. this has been on that ever-growing to do list and i
finally did it this weekend. out with the small, in with the clothes that fit.
little mr. re-nest #1 is finished. little mr. re-nest #2’s closet is almost
6. yardwork.
i can’t take one single bit of credit for this, except for talking to one of
our neighbors and hiring him to help us. best. decision. ever.
7. thank you
notes. for little mr. re-nest #1’s birthday. i’m not sure i’ve ever actually
gotten these done for his previous birthdays. but they are done now. even
signed by little mr. re-nest #1. 
8. some good
old fashioned outside family time. play time on the swing set. shooting hoops
on the new basketball goal. these are the moments i’ll really remember from
this weekend.
weekends are
crazy. this weekend was nuts. but it was so amazingly wonderful and not just
because of all of the stuff we got done. it was wonderful because of all of the
little family moments that we shared together.

how about
you? do you feel like your weekends balance time together and getting the to-do list done?


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