why i stopped decorating for every season (a confession)

i have kind of a shocking confession….as someone who loves home décor, who loves the holidays + who champions making your home yours….

i no longer decorate for every season. as in, i don’t have a stash of fall/halloween/thanksgiving decorations that i put out.

(i’ll pause here for dramatic effect)

i used to. i used to have all sorts of stuff that i would pull out when fall came around. i brought out seasonal candles, i changed pillow covers in our great room, i swapped out blankets + throws, and i had knick-knacks that would be set up in cute little vignettes in our house. (mr. re-nest loved this, let me tell you!)

somewhere along the way, i just stopped. i can’t pinpoint when it was (maybe when little mr. re-nest #1 was born? maybe when we moved from indiana to illinois, and a “great purge” happened?) all i know is that i still have one or two seasonal candles that i’ll pull out on a weekend, fall day (you know, those cool, overcast days that are my fave) and that’s kind of it.

the front porch. excuse the lovely
electrical cord. 🙂
now, maybe you’re saying “what about pumpkins? don’t your kids like pumpkins?” yes, we do pumpkins on the front porch. a couple of years ago, in a moment of guilt, i even went to hobby lobby with little mr. re-nest #1 and we got some little halloween decorations for our front porch, so those go out. besides that, the boys do have those fun halloween window clings from the target dollar spot that they play with on the back patio door for the season, and then at the end, i do get rid of them (because they’re generally ripped, covered in food bits + fuzz….yuck). and, i can also promise you that we also do get a little crafty with our pumpkins, especially since our family pledges to take part in the teal pumpkin project! (keep an eye out on facebook for these fun photos soon!)

so, it’s pretty much the front porch, until the day after thanksgiving, and then. it’s. on. i think at last count, i have twelve of those large rubbermaid bins filled with holiday decorations. three trees. wreaths. table settings (for a table we never use). chair ties. outdoor lights. candles. stockings. banners. it all comes out. and, it’s my most favorite time of the year!

for now, i love looking at pinterest + my instagram feed at everyone else’s fall decorations (and let me tell you, there’s some great ones out there!) and, i’ll wait until november 27 for all of my decoration hub-bub to begin!

tell me: how about you? do you go all out for fall/halloween/thanksgiving?


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