keeping it together

i’ve always been obsessed with planners. calendars. notebooks. anything that comes bound where i can make a list is a fun place for me. tack on a really cute design, or bright colors on that planner/calendar/notebook, and i’m sold. i’m a sucker for keeping organized. (i think it’s a first-born, type a thing.)

so, i was asked this last week by a colleague about my current planner and notebook combo. i have a notebook that i use at work that serves it’s purpose – it goes to every meeting with me, i jot down notes on anything work-related, and they all stay bound and organized for me to get back to when i need them. then, i have a great planner. my amazing sis got it for me this last christmas and i immediately fell in love. (nevermind that it’s from my favorite store…paper source.) it’s small, can fit in any purse, has plenty of space for my day-to-day to-dos (work and personal) and basically serves as my command central. (oh, and i should mention that the love of calendars went a step further with an addition to my desk this year…again, thanks to paper source…with an oversized, kraft paper desk calendar.)

not only is it my center of my organized world, but it is also really cute if i do say so myself. the planner has little stickers (i secretly think i’m still 12-years-old at heart) for special occasions, like birthdays, date nights, mani/pedi days, etc. and, one of my favorite parts about it is the notebook in the back, where i can jot down ideas and projects in one place. love, love, love.

so, i admit it. i love planners and calendars and notebooks. and they keep me organized.
what do you love that keeps you together and organized?


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