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i’m a calendar girl (not in that way)

i love calendars. and planners. and notebooks. pretty much anything or anywhere i can write down goings on, make lists, take notes, and generally have somewhere where i can cross things off a list. (those type-a peeps out there know exactly what i’m talking about!) little mr. re-nest #1 started pre-school this week (eek!), which…

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my kind of gift

i love any gift that can allow me to get creative. and, one of my best peeps gave me one of the best gifts ever for my b-day this year. the 2012 paper source diy calendar. i’m telling you…this peep knows me, knows i love me some paper source and knows that i could not…

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keeping it together

i’ve always been obsessed with planners. calendars. notebooks. anything that comes bound where i can make a list is a fun place for me. tack on a really cute design, or bright colors on that planner/calendar/notebook, and i’m sold. i’m a sucker for keeping organized. (i think it’s a first-born, type a thing.) so, i…

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