the inaugural handmade holiday

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so, about 340 days ago, my family was sitting in a ruby tuesday’s in indiana, laughing and enjoying some final moments together before my dad, stepmom and sister headed back to their respective homes. we were just enjoying each other’s company when all of a sudden someone says, “hey, know what would be fun next year? to draw names and make gifts for each other!”

now, this is right up my alley. i was on board. one thousand percent. we immediately started making up random rules and laughing and joking. (most of the jokes centered around my dad, who thought he was just going to hire someone to make his gift for him. we quickly squashed his dream of this happening.)

fast forward to thanksgiving 2012. more laughing and family time ensued, and all of a sudden someone says, “hey! we need to draw names for the handmade christmas!” whoa. really? everyone is up for this?

so names were drawn. i made a matrix in excel (of course). and rules were set. (want to see the rules? yeah, they’re below just in case you’re interested in setting up your own handmade holiday!)

the handmade holiday rules:

1. each crafter is to make one (1) handmade gift for your crafting recipient.

2. all handmade items are to be made completely by the crafter. hiring outside help or soliciting outside help in any way shape or form is absolutely not permitted.

3. baked goods, food, alcoholic beverages or any consumed items are not permitted.

4. you may purchase materials to make your handmade gift.

5. ashley is not allowed to use the cricut.

6. all items must be wrapped and ready to give to your crafting recipient on december 25, 2012.

7. remember the purpose of this is to honor the true spirit of christmas….the recipient is to enjoy your gift. when designing your handmade item, please remember that all items are to be given with the best intentions.

so we’re going forth and making crafts. and making sure we don’t burn ourselves on our glue guns.

enjoy your holiday crafting!


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