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troll hair, don’t care! | a very trolls birthday party!

before we start this blog post, it’s a must that we all give a little love to jt + his brilliance…..   okay, by a show of hands (or comments), who danced around just a bit? how can you not? we were doing a lot of dancing this past weekend at a very special “trolls”…

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my creative bucket is filled!

it’s so been one of those weeks. i’m sitting here, writing this post on the day before our little family leaves for a week-long vacation to the beach + disney, and while i would usually be *freaking* out, i’m not. this week has just been that awesome, and i can’t wait for what’s ahead with…

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today, i’m three!

i can hardly believe it. sometime this week (it was either july first or july third, forgive me…), this little passion project of mine turns three years old. three years ago, i pushed aside every insecurity i had, every worry of “what if people make fun of me?” + i did it. i set up…

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