sweet wedding vows

…eeek! i just realized i never shared this! whoa! the holidays threw me for a loop! 

the holidays were amazing for re-nest studio in 2014, and i had to share another one of the sweet custom projects i had the honor of making as a holiday gift this year.

a little background: another great friend of mine here in sycamore reached out to me back in november, with a wonderfully adorable idea she wanted to surprise her husband with for christmas….she wanted some special pieces that shared their unique and personalized wedding vows that they had promised to one another on their wedding day. not only did i know this was going to be one of those big, fun projects, but it was also going to have a ton of heart in it (since this couple is just so sweet to one another!)

we got to work. the first step? get a feel for their decor, their preferences with color + what kind of feel they have in their home. i got a ton of pics which were awesome and the perfect inspiration! and once i saw these, i knew this was going to be fun. it was going to be a project that allowed me to blend colors and fonts and treatments that are so much fun…plus, given this was a gift for her husband, we didn’t want to go too girly with it either!

with color and pattern inspirations in hand, i started sketching and figuring out just how much space we’d need to present the vows in a unique fashion. i settled on three canvases…one 24″ x 26″, one 18″ x 24″ and one 14″ x 18″…all of which could be hung together in a gallery-like format. color-wise, what i love about this couple is that they were blending great, bold colors with more traditional ones. even looking back at my notes, i love what i saw:

“gold, teal, silver/pewter, bronze, tan, brown”

call me a color nerd, but this was super exciting for me!

sketches came next, and i suggested a blend of all, in very different ways: teal + goldenrod in a brushstroke technique, a grey fabric wrapped canvas + a dark bronze painted canvas with a touch of sheen to it. papers ranged from simple white to a dark brown texture that looked like leather. oh, and don’t forget the dimensional “I” used to emphasize the personalization of the vows. 

canvases were ordered, and then the real fun began! and, i’m so excited and proud to share the finished products with you!

what an honor to be asked to do this sort of very emotional, creative + personal project for this super couple. i cannot wait to see these within their home, in a place that is special to them!


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