an adventure with fondant (with a minecraft birthday cake!)

i make a lot of stuff. (obvi, as my 8-year-old would say.) before the kids, i loved baking and trying fun decorated desserts. i have more baking supplies than what’s probably considered normal, and every now and then, i love dragging them all out and making a big mess! (side note: i am no where near to be a good baker. at all. professionals do it so much better. i always like a challenge, but a lot of what i’ve baked looks like a pinterest fail!) but, when you have a sweet little eight-year-old boy who looks at you with his big blue eyes and asks for a minecraft birthday cake, you try and figure it out (and, not have an epic fail!)

i’ll back up for a minute to highlight what the birthday boy’s requests were for his birthday this year. this kid is 100000% obsessed with minecraft. i think it was early january when he pulled me aside and informed me that he *needed* a minecraft birthday. nothing else would do. and, because we were still totally in this “do we, or don’t we?” mode with a birthday party, i at least started planning for something small with just the four of us. so for that, i thought, “hey! i can tackle a cake…no problem. at. all.” i hit up my trusty pinterest for some ideas, set up the much needed minecraft birthday inspo board, and got my cake plan together!

the cake i found from holly muffin looked simple. i mean, how tough could it be to make a single layer square cake with green frosting and then squares of fondant?!? so, i’ll say this: none of this was hard. but it did take a while. (like, i-didn’t-get-finished-with-the-cake-until-12:30am…) but it came together really easily, and what i so appreciated was that the instructions were spot-on. and, i’d be super lame if i didn’t call out my local michaels store for having all the fondant things i needed for this baking diy!

the final cake! it was super delicious (i’ll admit, i didn’t eat the fondant…it’s just not something i like to eat), but it was still soooo good! and, my kiddo was so totally excited when he saw it the next morning, so that made the complete lack of sleep totally worth it!

you’re gonna want to stay tuned…we did end up deciding to have a small, socially distanced, outdoor get together with a few friends. there’s more minecraft to come, and i can’t wait to share the local friends i’m working with to bring this celebration to life!


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