a non-conventional creative day

boy, oh boy has it been one of those days. you know the ones. where from the time you wake up in the morning, it can feel like a constant dodging of situations and such where you have to be on your a-game all day. either that, or figure out really unique and creative ways to get through the day and get the to-do list done.

it sounds silly but the first act of creativity was trying to get my son dressed this morning. you see, my son has a mild obsession with mickey mouse and a certain cartoon on the disney channel in the morning – “mickey mouse clubhouse.” so once this is on tv, my negotiating skills with an almost two-year old have to be at their best. this morning – i tried something a little new – getting him dressed before the cartoon came on. a-ha! score one for mom – it worked! (in the midst of all of this, i’m trying to get myself presentable to go to work…and let me just tell you, i would like to personally meet whoever invented dry shampoo. amen. i bow to you.)

work is always a continuous creative test…but that’s what i love about it.

fast forward to home…i have a two-year old’s birthday to plan. there’s food to order. decorations to buy. creative way to get the food ordered – order from someone who will allow you to order catering online. way to go jimmy johns. you were on my favorite list before. you’re even higher on that list now. your brilliance allowed this busy mama to get something crossed off my list.

next on the list – feeding my two-year old. let me re-phrase – trying to get my two-year old to eat some veggies. two things: tiny baby carrots and ranch dressing. i was feeling so confident after this that i thought, let’s keep trying. and a big thank you to happy tot – it’s a squeezable blend of fruits and veggies, that when disguised in applesauce, this mama felt like my little guy got more than his usual share of fruits and veggies at dinner.

these are just the day-to-day creative things. i have come across some pretty cool new creative loves. for instance, i finally checked out young house love, and i am in love. addicting. awesome. and inspiring.

and not to be forgotten, just wanted to share one of my new projects. it’s still in progress, but with hopes to be done for my son’s birthday. in a tribute to one of my little guy’s favorite poems/songs, “grassy grass grass” (from his early exposure to hbo’s classical baby series), i wanted to give him something that he could always have. and that’s where this wall hanging was born.

it’s a work in progress. i’m planning to blend the text treatment between papercarfting (cut letters and complementary images cut out with the cricut) and handwriting.

started with a simple canvas. painted it a grass green. sketched out an actual size template. and started laying out the poem.

i used bright orange scrapbook paper to stand out against the grass green background.

and accented with some lighter green grass paper cutouts.

keep checking back for more updates on this piece. this is one that i’m trying to put a lot of love into. for obvious reasons.

cheers to your creative everyday,



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