marking a memory

i have a really fantastic friend here in dekalb that i’ve gotten to know really well in the last couple of years. we met through a mom’s group and uniquely, little mr. re-nest #1 and her little boy were born eight days apart. they have since labeled themselves “best friends.” (which i think is just the cutest thing to hear!) anyway, this friend of mine and her family have always been so, so supportive of re-nest studio, and she is a huge etsy fan…i love hearing from her about the new shops she finds and the cool things that i don’t see on there!

about a year ago, i did one of the special dates wall art framed pieces for her to give to her husband as a surprise. and being a creative lady herself, she came to me last fall and asked me if i’d be willing to do something for her that i didn’t have in my shop. it took me about half a second to say “of course!” 

when we met to chat about the piece, here’s what i knew: i had a large frame (she provided it) with three five-by-seven openings, one adorable photo of her two little ones from a family photo shoot, and two sets of coordinates that she wanted incorporated into the piece. we talked through colors to use on the coordinates and settled on a background of a neutral grey/stone color with the coordinates in a very, very, very pale grey (both of which pulled out colors from the photo perfectly!)

i went to work, and we came up with the finished piece…which i love because: 

1. this is unlike anything anyone else will have in their home.

2. this photo and these coordinates mean something very, very special to this special family. that, by itself, is why i do this.

3. i love when friends have an idea of something they want and i can help make it a reality for them. this was the perfect collaboration!

4. it’s just a fantastic idea. everyone has special places that mean something to them, and coordinates are such a very cool way to mark those places!

i was so honored to do this for this special family…and to know this will be a piece that is kept is such a great feeling!

like this idea? or have an idea of your own that you’d love to have in your home? i love to help make ideas come to life. send me a note and we’ll start creating!


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