here’s where the clothes go

so, over the holidays, we did a little revamp of our master bedroom closet. this meant we had to move the clothes hamper into the laundry room. not a big deal since it’s right outside our room, but since we were already shifting routine, why not try and put a tad bit more organization to our laundry sorting than what we had?

first up was a trip to the crate & barrel outlet in naperville. (for anyone who’s never had the privledge of going here, you must. like most outlets, you’ll never know what you’ll find, but you can pretty much guarantee that what you do find will be great.) they had some great and decent sized laundry hampers that were perfect for our little laundry space. our entire goal was to be able to separate our three main categories: dry cleaning, towels and regular clothes. so we picked up three hampers and off we went.

the hampers have these great (and large) grommets on the front of them, and once i put them in place, all i kept hearing was “well, what is supposed to go in which hamper?” i knew i needed to come up with some sort of way to mark each hamper, but what to use? i thought about using small (2″ x 3-1/2″) frames with the label inside the frame. i thought about mounting some sort of tag holder on the wall above each hamper. but each of these seemed clumsy or cumbersome.

then, it happened…during a paper source trip, i came across something i thought might work. they had different sizes of kraft-colored chipboard tags, complete with grommeted holes. i thought i could make these work.

(for some reason, at the time, i only picked up two tags, so i still have to get one more and put it together. now i just need to find the time to get back to naperville and paper source.)

i decked out the tags with some layered patterned papers, and gave them each a touch of something with some rubber stamping. and then completed each with their tags of what goes in which hamper.

ivory paper layered on the kraft tag

ivory paper layered with a grey and ivory pattern

the chosen rubber stamps. my beloved bee and dragonfly.

my paper punches.

stamps on ivory paper. before the paper punches.

the final tags. and thank goodness, organized laundry.

(note: i still need to get myself back to paper source to get my third tag to complete, but you all get the picture. i’m going to finish these off with some brown and grey ribbon, and most importantly, get these attached to the hampers. so we can stop having towels mixed with dry cleaning mixed with workout clothes. because most of you know me, and i don’t do well with chaos…especially with laundry.) 🙂


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