a vision for 2020!

i’ve never done a vision board. for the last couple of years, i’ve gotten to the first of the year and thought about it, but then got pulled away, and decided to just use the paper planner i buy every year to log + write down my goals for the year. i love, love, love the idea of them…i’ve just relied on what i had in front of me to keep track of what i want to do, and where i want to go!

my latest custom order though has me thinking waaaayyy differently! a friend of mine asked me to help make her a 2020 vision board, with all of her goals, the things she holds dear, and where she wants to see herself go this year. designing this and bringing it to life for her was one of the coolest things i’ve gotten to do…first off, to have someone share their goals with me and trust me to bring them to inspiring life for them…just wow! and, then to get to creatively put those goals together for someone else was just such. an. honor.

it got me thinking too…yes, this year has been like no other for the majority of us. and, i don’t know about you, but it has seemed like every time we turn around, there’s something else. (ahem, i’m looking at you murder hornets. and you, flying snakes. oh yeah, and don’t forget to add on: a dust storm.) but there’s still so much good. there’s so many things that we have another six months in this year to make happen for ourselves. even though there’s so much noise, there’s so many ways we can keep going, keep growing, and keep bettering ourselves…whatever that means for each of us. it doesn’t have to be life changing…it can simply be goals that help us get through each day. (nope, you don’t have to run a marathon, teach yourself how to crochet, learn how to make coq au vin, or whatever…it’s whatever feels right for you.)

let’s make this second half of this crazy year the best we possibly can!


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