watermelon cuteness

two words you don’t normally hear together. until now.

i have a co-worker that is expecting her first little one any day, and during her baby shower at work, i learned that she loves watermelon. so much so the entire shower was watermelon-themed, down to an amazing cake that was homemade by another co-worker (we’re talking the entire top of the cake had a fondant watermelon on top. a-mazing.)
i picked up a little something for this very special mama-to-be, and wanted to bring the watermelon theme into her baby card and wrap.
i have to admit, i first turned to pinterest for a little bit of reference. after all, this would be my first time making anything watermelon-esque. luckily, i came across this great photo which helped a ton.
i started with the gift bag. one of my absolute favorite things to have on hand are plain kraft paper gift bags…they’re wonderful to have so you can personalize them in any way for the special someone receiving a gift. i managed to pick up a pack of 13 at michaels ($5.99 for 13)…and with a 40% off coupon, these were dirt cheap!

next step was to make the watermelon…i decided i wanted to put just one larger one on the kraft paper bag, but then i also needed a smaller one for the card. i started off with a 12″x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper – in kelly green. basically to make a watermelon, i needed to start with a large circle…i pulled out my plantin schoolbook cricut cartridge and cut a 7″ diameter circle (and for my smaller watermelon for the card, i cut a 5″ diameter circle too). once i had these, they needed to be cut in half to give me the start of my watermelon slice. one of my other must-have tools is a fiskars 12-inch bypass guillotine paper trimmer which came in handy to cut my slices (sounds super creepy and dangerous, i know. what i can say is this: this thing is always stored 8′ off the ground at all times. and is never used around little ones with curious hands.)

once we had the green slice, i did the same steps with white scrapbook paper…this time cutting a 6″ and a 4-1/2″ circle, and cutting in half the same way. same for the bright pink, cutting a 5-1/2″ and a 4″ circle out of the pink to give us our watermelon.

of course, watermelon isn’t complete without some seeds, and it just so happened that i was able to cut out some black leafs from my cricut give a hoot cartridge, that with a little trimming, gave perfect watermelon seeds.

the final gift bag with matching happy baby card
i so loved this little project…i think it’s the combo of the green and pink which is just a favorite of mine. combined with, i think it was just a unique and totally different type of graphic for a new baby arrival. like i said, watermelon cuteness. 🙂
p.s. i just realized i didn’t share what the gift was…another one of my favorite gifts to give to parents-to-be. the itzbeen timer. it’s this incredible little timer that have four different timers that you can set for diaper changes, feedings, naps, whatever you need to time for a little one. this was a total must-have for me, especially in those early days after the baby comes home and you don’t know which way is up, much less what time it is, or what three hours or thirty minutes feels like. a highly, highly recommended gift for anyone!


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