the making of a little boy’s new bedroom

moving into a new home is a big deal. it’s a super big deal when you’re a little kid and the room you’ve known since the day youcame home from the hospital is being replaced with a new one. but, those changes can be super fun and mean whole lot (like they did for my little mr. re-nest #2!)

backing up to this past summer, when we were in the midst of packing up the house, stressing out about moving to a new home, and trying to help both boys get used to the idea that we’d be calling a new place “home,” one night, me + #2 had a really sweet bedtime conversation. we were in the middle of reading bedtime books, when i was asked, “mommy, what’s my new room going to be like?” my number one thing i wanted him to make sure he knew was that everything in his room (and in the house) was coming with us. that moving into a new house just meant we were taking all of our stuff with us and setting it up in a new home. once we got through that part of the conversation, i asked him if he wanted to work together to design one of the walls in his new room. we opened up picmonkey on my phone, and we got to designing – together.

he loved the alligator green focal wall that was in his old room (confession: i did too!) but i knew with his new room, we were looking at some different dimensions, and i wanted there to be a little extra “something” design-wise in his new room. plus, he had his name on his wall in the old house, which he absolutely wanted to make sure we brought along with us. it only made total sense to make his name a part of this new focal wall in his new room!

after a couple of months in the new house + getting through the holidays, we started the work on making his room his! we were starting with four grey walls, and we transitioned those to three white walls, and a focal wall of alligator green with a navy foot-wide stripe. (behind his bed, of course!) finishing off the focal wall were the very important, very necessary pottery barn kids white wood letters, spelling out “alex.” (note: i painted the whole room. i love to paint and loved to see a room change right in front of me!) after the paint, we replaced the fabric accordion blinds (to help with the little man’s allergies) with some new, 2″ wood slatted blinds from bali, and finished off the windows with blackout curtains from pottery barn kids!

once his room was put together, he was so over-the-moon excited about it! all he kept doing was run into his room, leap on to his bed, and say, “this is *my* room!!” seriously, can a mama’s heart be any more happy?


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