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hello 2017!

that’s probably the most cliche blog post headline ever, but who cares. i was not sad to see 2016 have the door hit it on its way out, and i have nothing but positive feels for what this year is to bring. i’m coming off of a much-needed professional + re-nest holiday break, where i just…

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tribal baby shower fun!

i love a good baby shower. and, now that i’m past that stage myself, i sort of absolutely get all giddy when others get to celebrate + welcome a new baby into the world. so, when i met a new fan at the re:craft + relic show a couple of weeks back, and she asked me…

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it’s party time! (and, time to cast a vote!)

have you noticed my new little icons on the right-hand side of this little blog that could? one of them is an awesome honor + an amazing group of etsy artisans to be a part of: the etsykids team! seriously, if you’ve never checked out the etsykids website, please do….there’s a ton of fantastic shops,…

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