a birthday tribute to one creative lady

some may have seen through my facebook today that today is a special day in our family. it’s my sister’s birthday. and i thought one great way to honor the day would be to write a little tribute to my sister…one of the most creative and crafty ladies i know.

my sister and i have a pretty decent age span between us – seven years. we’ve seen some bumpy times (can anyone say seventeen-year-old teenager vs. ten-year-old? i will never let her live down that i had to approve her outfits everyday before school!), but i can proudly say that we got over those bumpy patches a number of years ago. she’s now one of my best friends. and one of the first people i go to when i need to talk about anything. and, she’s one of my creative partners-in-crime.
my sis has this amazing eye when it comes to interior design…kind of this great blend between the modern and vintage all with this great personalization and taste for diy that is woven into everything she does. i love going to her condo because i always see these great new ideas for home decor and it always inspires me to go home and figure out how i can move things around in my house in a different way or figure out another new project for the house. she just has a great eye and is an inspiration.

so, on my sis’s birthday, i just wanted to share with everyone how much she means and what an inspiration she is to me. like i said this morning on my facebook page, she has made my world a bigger, brighter and much better place. happy birthday lys!


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