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re-nest life // an escape to the bahamas

it’s been a month since mr. re-nest + i headed home after seven days of warmth, sunshine, no e-mail (for me), sand + peace. this trip was in celebration of our fifteenth wedding anniversary + our matchy-matchy 40th birthdays, and besides it being a celebration trip, it was just a much-needed vacation for us. time…

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re-nest life / another dinner favorite!

i know i’m not alone in the never-ending quest to find more than two kid-friendly recipes that my whole family can eat. (can i get an amen?) i made it one of my life’s missions a year ago to stop making three different dinners, and to get my boys to eat more balanced meals (most…

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where in the world i’ve been (or, when did fall become such madness?)

yes, that’s right. this must be some sort of rite of passage for when your child enters kindergarten or something. but this fall has been insane in the membrane. (so cheesy, i know). every single week, i’ve had “write blog post” on my list of creative endeavors and has it happened? nope. want to know…

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