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red + white = a new superhero brother

i absolutely love when a little one becomes a big brother…it’s really the cutest thing. having had the chance to see my little mr. re-nest #1 become a big brother has been one of the best experiences. so, when a mama gets in touch with me about making the “sometimes being a brother is even…

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these glorious last twelve weeks

*note: this post has pretty much absolutely zero to do with anything crafty or creative or home decor or design, but rather this is me, sharing with all of you…some of whom are mamas, or soon-to-be mamas, or will-be-mamas-someday, what the last twelve weeks of maternity leave have been for me. as i start to…

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welcome to new little mr. re-nest #2!

yes, it’s official…little mr. re-nest #2 is here! at 39 weeks + 3 days, our little man decided it was time to make his appearance…i’ll admit it, i honestly thought this little one would be just like his older brother and not be in any hurry at all to make his appearance. in fact, mr….

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