it’s official: “frozen” party goodness!

to say that i have been anxiously awaiting this day for a month would be an understatement! that’s right, friends, there is more party goodness coming to the party shop on the re-nest store! and, i have a wonderful indiana connection to thank for the inspiration and the reason to launch this new offering! (note: i love social media. love it. it’s one of the reasons i have been able to do so many great, custom projects this year. i have had so many friends from long ago, reach out to me and ask me to create handmade greatness for them this year. i have them to thank for thinking of me first, and i have social media to thank for keeping me in front of them. so, facebook, while i sometimes want to quit you, i can’t. i digress.)

so, let’s talk about how this goodness came about, shall we? a friend of mine from long ago (okay, we know each other from the cole academy days, and i used to babysit her siblings from time to time) – we connected through facebook, and started talking about her daughter’s upcoming fourth birthday party. like many little girls, the theme was set…”frozen,” of course! one day, i was cruising through pinterest (another fave of mine!) and i was looking for some “frozen” themed inspiration. i had just finished up the new tulle princess wand, and i saw something similar, except with a snowflake on the wand! i sent this mama a picture, and the rest is history! i made up a mock-up of our version of the snowflake/glitter/ribbon wand, and she loved it…so, i started a wand-making operation in the studio!

we settled on twelve wands for the party, and i got to work. lots of ribbon + snowflakes + glitter later, and we had a dozen adorable snowflake wands, ready to make a special party in indiana complete! 

but we couldn’t stop there! remember how last week, i mentioned on the facebook page that adding some keepsake canvas decor to a party makes for a great party decor addition, but it’s also something you can use in the house later? this mama was my inspiration. her daughter loves elsa so much, that she asked me to design a custom canvas for her to use at the party and then to hang in her playroom after the party was over. how amazing is that?

i got to work sketching up some ideas…i went with some really personalized themes to one that just focused on the castle and elsa. we ended up going with a 16″ x 20″ canvas, painted with the brushstroke technique combining pink, purple and blue (very “frozen”-esque colors!). centered on the canvas, i did three large scale cutouts of elsa’s ice castle….and to make it a little extra “icy” i used a glitter cardstock for all three of the castle layers. to finish it off, i added a very simple, pink elsa silhouette along with a couple of snowflakes to make the piece complete!

what do you think? do you know a little girl who is “frozen” obsessed? oh, and i should mention….the glitter snowflake wand is now available on the etsy store, so check it out!


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