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let’s empower our kiddos

kids are amazing. they are curious and imaginative and always ready to learn. there is nothing i love more than seeing the result of my boys learning, exploring, and discovering more about the world around them. i also strongly believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child, their interests, and what they love. yes, some…

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love for the happiest place on earth!

i have some major disney lovers in my circle of people + friends. like, massive disney lovers. like, visit at least once every year. that’s why, when our dear nanny asked if i would help bring all things disney (specifically minnie) to her sister’s upcoming baby shower, i of course said yes! for this minnie…

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love for elton john (+ new babies)

random blog post title, right? i mean, we all understand the love for new babies thing, but love (like, looovvvee) for elton john? that’s a little random, right? for this latest project, nope. it totally hits the nail on the head for this sweet custom canvas i had the chance to make for a new…

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