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re-nest life \\ my attempt at pinterest baking

y’all know what i mean when i say “pinterest baking,” right? that attempt at making something that’s supposed to be super easy, you look at it, and say, “i can totally do that!” i got stuck in that trap this weekend. little mr. re-nest #2’s birthday is tuesday, and i’m already feeling massive guilt that…

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renest life // are you there God? it’s me, ashley

***warning: this is post all about potty training, i won’t get gross (because deep down, i am a lady filled with decorum), but if you haven’t dealt with the drama that is potty training yet, proceed with caution. and, if you continue to read, i’m so glad you are here! oh, and i’ve written this…

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re-nest life \ not my usual monday night dinner

okay, i kind of feel like i talk a good game about cooking. do i like it? most days. do i like trying new things? sure. am i always on the lookout for an easy-to-make, school night meal that is healthy + quick to make? emphatically, yes! monday night’s dinner kind of qualified for the…

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