crafts + kids // a super easy rainbow project (designed by a kid!)

funny story about this project (which was completely dreamed up by #2): a week ago, i was getting ready for work in the morning, in my bathroom, doing my makeup. number 2 was already up (#earlyriser) and i hear that scream of “MOMMY!!!” you know the one. the one that makes you drop everything and run.

i run/slide out from our bedroom to find #2 standing outside of our bedroom door, excitement and a huge smile on his face. i say, “WHATISWRONGWHATISHAPPENING????” and he looks at me with all of the hope and love and excitement on his face and says:

“mommy! i have a crafts + kids idea! it’s a project! mommy, it’s for PRIDE! it’s a rainbow made out of a paper plate that i can paint! can we do it, mommy? can we?”

of course we can, my little love. so here it is. our very last minute PRIDE craft idea that’s easy enough for kiddos to do any month of the year.

paper plate rainbow
supplies needed:
one (1) round paper plate
acrylic or poster paints in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
paint brushes
extra paper plate (to use as a palette)
cup with water to rinse brushes
scotch tape

step #1 (as told by #2): fold the paper plate in half. then, take your scotch tape and tape the halves together along the outside edge.

step #2: get your paints ready on your palette. and paint a rainbow on one side of the folded plate. (make sure to leave a space under the purple stripe!)

step #3: once you paint the plate and it’s dry, cut the plate under the purple stripe to finish your rainbow!

it’s a beautiful project to show off in your home, give to a friend, or make a mobile out of! hope you enjoy!


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